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Liquid Waterproofing Coating

Know the importance of protective coating

The protective coating is a highly comprehensive waterproofing product for a roof that lowers the heat to the roof. In a market, there is a huge range of products like roof, bathroom & RCC slab cooling, interior & exterior walls, and waterproofing treatment products, which are manufactured from the standard quality and is backed by an independent test certificate.

At Aris trading & contracting, our highly experienced specification managers and technical experts assist you to figure the best solution for projects from the roof to the basement.

Roofs need regular maintenance and also require a waterproofing system as both help to retain the properties of the product in long run. By getting in touch with us, you can solve such problems.
For overall building enveloping, we can help you attain the best waterproofing and cooling treatment solution for your property.

For Complete building enveloping, we can assist you to achieve the best protective coating treatment solution for your project

Below listed are reasons for taking help of Aris trading and contracting:

  • Ensure you get a highly tough product that provides flexible cooling and a waterproof layer.
  • We also help you get the work done on roofs to the basement which is mosaic defected.
  • All our products come with a minimum life of 5 years over various other conventional products.
  • Ensure we assist you with the best protective coating solution for your project.

A few details

Why opt for protective coating?

The protective coating is one of the best options that are available in markets, our experts would assist you with how and where you will get the product at a reasonable price.

The technique of protection is relatively simple to implement on commercial to residential buildings. Roofs of high rise residential buildings, as well as a commercial building, are low sloped, which usually are not visible from the faraway street. Owing to this reason, there is nearly reduced resistance or cost for changing the roofs of such buildings in the course of routine retrofits or at the time of waterproofing.

How can we at Aris trading help you?
At Aris trading, we assure you to benefit greatly from our relevant and suitable plans germane to coating services. We assure that we would provide you with the best of our services at reasonable price.

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