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Solar Services

We at Aris trading & contracting are by far one of the leading traders of solar products in India and also abroad. By getting connected with us, we can help you to purchase various solar supplies, which would help you to save money on off grid and hybrid solar energy expenses. As we are highly experienced in handling industrial and commercial hybrid and also off grid solar engineering projects, we would be your best choice for you as we would assist you in the best possible way.

Advantages of Solar Power Plants

Direct benefits of using solar power plant involves:

* They augment power supply of the location
* They reduce electricity consumption, which thereby lowers the electricity expense
* They reduce the AC operating costs on top floor & shading on roof
* They provide a power back up in cases of power cut
* They do not required additional investment in evacuation system
Indirect benefits involves:
* Excessively contribute to power generation portfolio of country
* Improves quality of grid power
* Lowers carbon footprint

A few details

Solar Maintenance Services

As we come packed with exclusive benefits, opting for solar transplants from us is an ideal solution. Opting for this solution is usually best for locations with increased power consumption or power cuts. It is owing to the reason that solar plants use photovoltaic or PV technology for converting solar energy into electricity/current by using the sunlight.

How can opting for solar solution fron us benefit you?
At Aris trading, we are one of the best advisors and traders of solar solution. By collaborating with us you are sure to get the most from us. We 100% assure you to give you the best of our services at a cost, which is reasonable.

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